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5 Free Cash Flow Software for Small Business

Businesses may monitor and control their cash inflow and outflow with the help of cash flow management software. 

It helps to maintain a positive cash flow, forecast future cash needs and expenses, and identify the sources of and destinations for outgoing and incoming funds. 

You can keep your finances growing if your business cash flow is managed properly, to have the exact idea of money coming in and going out of the business.

There are various forecasting cash flow software in the digital era, which makes it easy to track finances and ensure your business’s survival in the long run.

A business’s cash flow may make or break it, but how can you manage it when you have so many other responsibilities?

In this article, we’ll be discussing free cash flow software for small businesses.

Free Cash Flow Software For Small Business 

All the software included in this article has a free trial. There are limitations on the use of the free version, and these are often related to time or features.

1. Causal

With Causal, you can easily construct financial models and share them with others using interactive dashboards that visualize the data in a way that anyone can comprehend. 

Models can be constructed using variables, which can be linked together with simple equations written in plain English, to make work easier. 

After that, the URL to a model can be given to the stakeholders to view the result in a visual dashboard instead of different tabs and complex formulations.  

Using advanced modeling approaches like scenario analysis, sensitivity analysis, and uncertainty in your inputs is made very easy with Causal. 

Combining all important data sources is also possible, and this includes spreadsheet software like Sheets and Excel as well as accounting platforms like Xero and Quickbooks.

2. Invoice

Invoiced is a platform that has won accolades for helping businesses get paid more quickly, stop wasting time on collections, and deliver a more positive experience for customers when it comes to making payments. 

This makes invoices a pioneer in the field of accounts receivable automation. 

The company has thousands of customers located in 92 different countries and has processed nearly $50 billion in receivables. 

3. Caflou

The cash flow software known as Caflou is fully digital. It helps to improve the firm’s activity, as well as plan, track, and maintain records of the firm’s previous and planned cash flows. 

It is an easy and complex Business Management System that provides you with the ability to drive your business performance and economy.

Examine and analyze the income and expenses of your customers and merchants, as well as the various payment categories and projects to check out what has been planned and what has already been paid for. 

It gives you the ability to manage your cash flow and business activities, as well as track and organizes your team, manage projects, and find areas to save money. Everything from a single location, including the comfort of your home office.

4. Calqulate

Grow more quickly achieve your goals with the help of SaaS growth metrics, and make sure the business functions better.

All important subscriptions, a cash flow management system, and financial forecasts are closed into a single, and simple platform.

Metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) are important to your subscription and SaaS business and are collected into a more pleasing and automatically updated dashboard. 

These dashboards cover topics such as revenue, retention, unit economics, and more. 

The automated cash flow forecasting provided by Calqulate keeps track of your loans, subscription fees, staff expenses, and equity. This will always keep you informed of the operations going on in the business. 

Forecasting is an integrated part of every Calqulate dashboard, which helps to achieve your SaaS growth goals and stay one step ahead. Tracking, analyzing, and forecasting your expenses are all part of the forecasting process. 

It establishes a connection between expenditures, cash flow forecasts, and CAC calculations, allowing you to foresee and prepare for any eventuality.

5. Anchor

Anchor makes on-time payments of invoices to businesses very quickly. 

The cloud-based platform that is offered by Anchor redefines how B2B billing, collections, and payments are handled. 

It eliminates the risks of fraud and human error in B2B payments by providing a solution for billing and collections that covers the entire process from start to end and by removing any manual labour from these processes. 

It was established in 2020, as the first company of its kind to support dynamic billing needs that are subject to constant change. 

It aims to ensure the business owner’s success by exempting them from the burden of billing so that they can dedicate their time and resources to running their businesses. 

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Technology has made so many things easier than ever before for business owners to manage their financial matters.

Using free cash flow software for small businesses will save you both time and money.

Cash flow management software allows businesses to take full charge of their finances.  The software is useful because it provides businesses with the tools needed to ensure steady cash flow.