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10 Best Cash Flow Forecasting Software For Small Business

Small business owners can monitor and control their cash inflow and outflow with the help of cash flow software. 

This software helps maintain a positive cash flow, forecast future cash needs and expenditures, and identify the sources and destinations for outgoing and incoming funds. 

Handling cash is essential, whether it is operated offline or online (through digital marketing). 

You might only be able to keep your business accurate now and in the future with complete control over your cash flow. 

Would it be great if you could predict the cash flow with ease? You should be aware that cash flow forecasting is essential for every business. 

A business owner should be able to endure and facilitate investing for the future. Many businesses find it interesting to invest in software that makes it easy to access their cash flows. 

If you want to ensure that your business has good cash flow in the future, you should consider the best cash flow forecasting software for small businesses listed below. Continue Reading!

Best Cash Flow Forecasting Software For Small Businesses

There is no need for you to perform all the calculations manually because there is software for it.


QuickBooks provides a simple and easy cash flow forecast, making it one of the market’s most effective and reliable cash flow management strategies. 

This software is best for someone who runs a small business. 

You can evaluate various areas of your business using this software, including the bank balance, the credit card ledger, accounts receivable, and many more. 

This software can forecast recurrent costs and profits and notify business owners of any upcoming changes. 


Scoro is another software programme that comes to mind. This is a powerful instrument, without a doubt. It is mainly designed for cash flow forecasting and offers services in line with the need. 

It is a business forecasting software that allows you to combine project management, budgeting, and customer relationship management.

Due to its reliability, this platform has earned commendations from many businesses.


This software aids in cash flow forecasting for your business so that future financial decisions will be made correctly.

Various accounting platforms can be combined with this software. 

You don’t have to spend time manually entering data because the app gathers it automatically. 

It gives you a sense of your business’s direction so that you can make the appropriate plans. 


Using the best cash flow forecasting software for small businesses will always be necessary if you’re in this line of business.

With the help of this software, you can easily manage your cash flows and get predictions about your future cash needs. 

It also offers data for finance teams of big businesses due to its large features, flexibility, customization, and capacities. 

Also, it automates manual cash reporting and forecasting activities swiftly while facilitating deep analysis of present and future cash flow.


PlanGuru is another best cash flow forecasting software for small businesses included in this list. 

It interfaces with accounting software to give users access to current cash flow statistics and future scenario forecasts. 

Also, it offers analytical tools to help businesspeople to investigate and understand detailed financial data. This program, like QuickBooks, is best suited for small businesses. 


Pulse allows you to keep track of your cash flow. Multiple cash flow views are available monthly, weekly, or daily. 

Your revenue and expenses can also be arranged by project or business. It has been projected for you to see where your money is going.

This tool’s ability to track cash flow and generate reports in many currencies is a bonus. Also, you can grant various users with many account roles access at multiple levels.

It helps make wise business decisions by taking a closer look into your income, expenses, and cash flow predictions.


You can track invoices, bills, and due dates with DryRun’s cash flow forecasting software to see who owes you when it will arrive, when your bills are unpaid, and whether you’ll have the money to pay them. 

You can sync data on bills, invoices, and payments from QuickBooks Online and Xero with DryRun to speed up the process and track late and partial payments.

To compare results, you can examine your cash flow condition and construct numerous “what-if” scenarios with different data points in DryRun.

Along with tracking partial payments, the program also has collaboration tools that let you share projections with coworkers and stakeholders for read-only or read-and-write access.

You can define your categories and create auto-repeating budget items in the software’s budgeting tool, which you may view in various degrees of detail.


Small businesses can use cloud-based online accounting software for cash flow forecasts. It helps to view cash flow, transactions, and account information from anywhere due to its dynamic accounting abilities.

All bank transactions are coded and imported automatically. 

Online bill payments make it easier to monitor expenditures and know when payments are due.


A Lite Fluidly account can be created without cost. 

This entry-level plan offers single-user, unlimited editable 90-day forecasts, in-app support, and Intelligent Chase Lite, which assists you in determining which invoices require your immediate attention.


Commitly makes liquidity planning and monitoring easy, always new, and logical. Excel is just too complex, and bookkeeping is far too past-focused. 

This makes plan creation easy, automated forecasting and control, and report sharing. There are no longer formula errors; they are in sync with your accounts, always updated, and always available for use: simple template, convenient for teams, and excellent practice.

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Having a financial plan is necessary for all kinds of business. You can only imagine the outcome of your business if finances and cash flow forecasts are not adequately managed. 

The best cash flow forecasting software for small businesses listed above is highly recommended. Choose from the list above if you need to learn how to forecast cash flow.